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High-performance, single- and multiple-cavity molds for a wide variety of materials


We offer prototype services for those projects where precise evaluation of form, visual appearance, tactile feel and specified function of the design is required prior to committing to production tooling. In some cases, this is required to provide samples for focus groups or market development sampling, to define precise material selection, or to simply confirm critical part design features to aid in automated part removal from subsequent high cavitation production tooling.

Prototype facilities include state-of-the-art all electric Liquid Injection Molding equipment. This ensures fast turnaround of prototype parts which, by exact replication of the intended production processing environment, will yield parts having physical dimensions and part properties identical to the final production parts. This is extremely important when prototyping dimension-critical and performance-critical thin-walled silicone parts for sealing or diaphragm applications, or other mission-critical parts.
Processing knowledge gained during the prototyping phase is then applied to the design and manufacturing of final production tooling.

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